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1 Martin Luther and the arts: music, images, and drama to promote the Reformation. J. Andreas Loewe. - Brill 2023 eBook Brill
2 Christian History in Rural Germany: Transcending the Catholic and Protestant Narratives. David Mayes. - Brill 2022 eBook Brill
3 The republic of skill: artisan mobility, innovation, and the circulation of knowledge in premodern Europe. David Garrioch (ed.) - Brill 2022 eBook Brill
4 Passionate peace: emotions and religious coexistence in later sixteenth-century Augsburg. Sean Dunwoody. - Brill 2022 eBook Brill
5 Strangers at the gate!: multidisciplinary explorations of communities, borders, and othering in medieval western Europe. Simon C. Thomson (ed.) - Brill 2022 eBook Brill
6 Émigré voices: conversations with Jewish Refugees from Germany and Austria. Bea Lewkowicz. - Brill 2022 eBook BrillSh.4/1499(/21.2022
7 England and the Thirty Years' War. Adam Marks. - Brill 2022 eBook Brill
8 A serious matter and true joy: philanthropy, the arts, and the state in Leipzig (1750-1918). Margaret Eleanor Menninger. - Brill 2022 eBook Brill
9 Contesting modernity in the German secularization debate: Karl Loewith, Hans Blumenberg and Carl Schmitt in polemical contexts. Sjoerd Griffioen. - Brill 2022 eBook Brill
10 The power of the dispersed: early modern global travelers beyond integration. Cornel Zwierlein (ed.) - Brill 2022 eBook Brill
11 World fairs and the global moulding of national identities: international exhibitions as cultural platforms, 1851-1958. Joep Leerssen (ed.) - Brill 2022 eBook Brill
12 Print culture at the crossroads: the book and Central Europe. Elizabeth Dillenburg (ed.) - Brill 2021 eBook Brill
13 The business of news. Heiko Droste. - Brill 2021 eBook Brill
14 Fear of theory: towards a new theoretical justification of biography. Hans Renders (ed.) - Brill 2021 eBook Brill
15 News in times of conflict: the development of the German newspaper, 1605-1650. Jan Hillgärtner. - Brill 2021 eBook Brill
16 The dialogues of the dead of the early German enlightenment. Riccarda Suitner. - Brill 2021 eBook Brill
17 Der römische Blick: Eugenio Pacelli und seine Nuntiaturberichte aus der Zeit der Weimarer Republik. Hubert Wolf (ed.) - Brill, Ferdinand Schöningh 2021 eBook Brill
18 The industry of evangelism: printing for the Reformation in Martin Lutherʿs Wittenberg. Drew B. Thomas. - Brill 2021 eBook Brill
19 Alfred Hermann Fried: peace activist and Nobel Prize laureate. Petra Schönemann-Behrens. - Brill 2021 eBook Brill
20 Germans and Poles in the middle ages: the perception of the 'other' and the presence of mutual ethnic stereotypes in medieval narrative sources. Andrzej Pleszczynski (ed.) - Brill 2021 eBook Brill
21 Law in West German democracy: seventy years of history as seen through German courts. Hugh Ridley. - Brill 2020 eBook Brill
22 Refugees from Nazi-Occupied Europe in British Overseas Territories. Swen Steinberg (ed.) - Brill 2020 eBook BrillSh.4/1499(/20.2020
23 City intelligible: a philosophical and historical anthropology of global commoditisation before industrialisation. Frank Perlin. - Brill 2020 eBook Brill
24 Samuel Pufendorf disciple of Hobbes: for a re-interpretation of modern natural law. Fiammetta Palladini. - Brill 2019 eBook Brill
25 Critical monks: the German Benedictines, 1680-1740. Thomas Wallnig. - Brill 2019 eBook Brill
26 Rules and rituals in medieval power games: a German perspective. Gerd Althoff. - Brill 2019 eBook Brill
27 Anna Seghers: the challenge of history. Helen Fehervary (ed.) - Brill 2019 eBook Brill
28 The reformation of historical thought. Mark A. Lotito. - Brill 2019 eBook Brill
29 German reunification and the legacy of GDR literature and culture. Deirdre Byrnes (ed.) - Brill 2018 eBook Brill
30 Politics and piety: the Protestant awakening in Prussia, 1816-1856. David L. Ellis. - Brill 2017 eBook Brill
31 A companion to the Hanseatic League. Donald J. Harreld (ed.) - Brill 2015 eBook Brill