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Neville, Peter
Hitler and Appeasement. The British Attempt to Prevent the Second World War. Peter Neville. (2nd impr.).
      (London): Hambledon Continuum (2007). XIII, 240 S., Abb. 8°
ISBN 978-1-85285-527-7
Library shelf-mark: Ui.5/4930        
Subject headings: Foreign policy/!Great Britain/1936-1945
Bilateral relations/!Great Britain/!Germany/1936-1945
Neville, Peter
Appeasing Hitler. The Diplomacy of Sir Nevile Henderson, 1937-39. Peter Neville.
      (Basingstoke: Macmillan 2000). XV, 237 S. 8°
(Studies in Diplomacy.)
ISBN 0-333-73987-6
Library shelf-mark: Ui.5/1031        
Subject headings: Henderson, Nevile Meyrick 1882-1942/!Appeasement/1937-1939
Bilateral relations/!Germany/!Great Britain/1937-1939
Neville, Peter
The Holocaust. Peter Neville.
      (Cambridge): Cambridge Univ. Press (1999). VII, 103 S., Abb. 8°
(Perspectives in History.)
ISBN 0-521-59501-0
Library shelf-mark: Sh.6/5021        
Subject headings: Holocaust/!Germany/1933-1945