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Moeller, Robert Gardiner
War Stories. The Search for a Usable Past in the Federal Republic of Germany. Robert G[ardiner] Moeller.
      Berkeley, Calif., Los Angeles, Calif., London: Univ. of California Press (2001). XIII, 329 S., Abb. 8°
ISBN 0-520-22326-8
Library shelf-mark: Sk.11/236/8        
Subject headings: Collective memory/!World War <1939-1945>/!Germany/1945-2000
Prisoners of war/!Germans/!Soviet Union/1945-1955
Moeller, Robert Gardiner (ed.)
West Germany under Construction. Politics, Society, and Culture in the Adenauer Era. Robert G[ardiner] Moeller, Ed..
      Ann Arbor, Mich.: Univ. of Michigan Press (1997). IX, 462 S. 8°
ISBN 0-472-06648-X
Library shelf-mark: Sk.6/280
Essential Reading Bowersox        
Subject headings: Adenauer, Konrad 1876-1967/Government/1949-1963
Moeller, Robert Gardiner
Protecting Motherhood. Women and the Family in the Politics of Postwar West Germany. Robert G(ardiner) Moeller.
      Berkeley, Calif., Los Angeles, Calif., Oxford: Univ. of California Press (1993). XIV, 346 S., Abb. 8°
ISBN 0-520-07903-5
Library shelf-mark: Sk.8/2085        
Subject headings: Family Policy/!Germany/1949-1960
Basic Law/!Gender/!Germany/1949-1960
Family Law Reform/!Germany/1957
Moeller, Robert Gardiner (ed.)
Peasants and Lords in Modern Germany. Recent Studies in Agricultural History. Ed. by Robert G[ardiner] Moeller.
      Boston, Mass., London, Sydney: Allen & Unwin (1986). 267 S. 8°
Library shelf-mark: Sa.8/966        
Moeller, Robert Gardiner
Peasants, Politics and Pressure Groups in War and Inflation. A Study of the Rhineland and Westphalia, 1914 - 1924. By Robert Gardiner Moeller.
      (Ann Arbor, Mich: Univ. Microfilms International 1984). IX, 583 S. 8°
Univ. of California, Berkely, Diss. 1980
Library shelf-mark: Sg.9/1425