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Mack-Smith, Denis
The Making of Italy. 1796-1866. Denis Mack Smith. (2nd ed.).
      [London]: Macmillan Press (1988). X, 428 S., Ktn. 8°
ISBN 0-333-43808-6
Library shelf-mark: Mmd.3/3        
Mack-Smith, Denis
Cavour and Garibaldi 1860. A Study in Political Conflict. By D[enis] Mack Smith. (Reiss. with a new pref., 2nd impr.).
      Cambridge [usw.]: Cambridge Univ. Press (1986). XVII, 458 S. 8°
ISBN 0-521-31637-5
Library shelf-mark: Mmd.6/500        
Subject headings: Cavour, Camillo Benso 1810-1861
Garibaldi, Giuseppe 1807-1882

Bequeathed by Francis L. Carsten
Finley, Moses I.
A History of Sicily. M(oses) I. Finley, Denis Mack Smith and Christopher Duggan.
      London: Chatto & Windus (1986). X, 246 S., Abb., Ktn. 8°
Library shelf-mark: Mma.3/6000        
Mack-Smith, Denis
Cavour. Denis Mack Smith.
      New York, N.Y: Knopf 1985. XIII, 294 S., Ktn. 8°
Library shelf-mark: Mmd.13/Cav 5        
Mack-Smith, Denis
Mussolini. Denis Mack Smith. (2nd impr.).
      London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson (1982). XIV, 429 S. 8°
Library shelf-mark: Mmf.13/Musso 14        
Mack-Smith, Denis (ed.)
Garibaldi. A Portrait in Documents. Ed. by Denis Mack Smith.
      (Firenze): Passigli Editori (1982). 142 S., Abb. 8°
Library shelf-mark: Mmd.13/Gar 1        
Mack-Smith, Denis
Mussolini's Roman Empire. Denis Mack Smith.
      London, New York, N.Y: Longman (1976). XII, 322 S. 8°
Library shelf-mark: Mmf.5/50        
Mack-Smith, Denis
Italy. A Modern History. By Denis Mack Smith.
      Ann Arbor, Mich.: Univ. of Michigan Press (1959). XI, 508, XXVIII S. 8°
Library shelf-mark: Mme.3/50        

Bequeathed by Francis L. Carsten