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Kindleberger, Charles Poor
The German Economy. 1945-1947. Charles P. Kindleberger's Letters from the Field. By Charles P(oor) Kindleberger. Pref. by W. W. Rostow. Historical Introd. by Günter Bischof.
      Westport, London: Meckler (1989). LVI, 230 S. 4°
ISBN 0-88736-317-2
Library shelf-mark: Si.2/2120        
Subject headings: Economy/!Germany/1945-1947/!Sources
Kindleberger, Charles Poor
The International Economic Order. Essays on Financial Crisis and International Public Goods. Charles P(oor) Kindleberger.
      New York, N.Y. [usw.]: Harvester Wheatsheaf (1988). XI, 237 S. 8°
ISBN 0-7450-0519-5
Library shelf-mark: Ea/2360        
Kindleberger, Charles Poor
A Financial History of Western Europe. Charles P[oor] Kindleberger.
      London, Boston, Sydney: Allen & Unwin (1984). XVIII, 525 S., Abb., 4 Kt. 8°
Library shelf-mark: Ee/3150        
Kindleberger, Charles Poor
Economic Response. Comparative studies in trade, finance, and growth. Charles P. Kindleberger.
      Cambridge/Mass.: Harvard University Press [usw.] 1978. VIII, 308 S. 8°
Library shelf-mark: Ef/3039        
Kindleberger, Charles Poor
Manias, Panics, and Crashes. A History of Financial Crises. Charles P[oor] Kindleberger.
      New York: Basic Books (1978). XII, 271 S. 8°
Library shelf-mark: Ee/2350        
»    History of the World Economy in the Twentieth Century
4. The World in Depression. 1929-1939. Charles P[oor] Kindleberger. (2nd impr.). (1977). 336 S.
ISBN 0-7139-0312-0
Library shelf-mark: Et/2010(4