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Katznelson, Ira (ed.)
Religion and the Political Imagination. Ed. by Ira Katznelson and Gareth Stedman Jones.
      (Cambridge, [usw.]): Cambridge Univ. Press (2010). IX, 383 S. 8°
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ISBN 978-0-521-14734-7
Library shelf-mark: Gb/3605        
Subject headings: Religion/!Politics/1750-1900
Birnbaum, Pierre (ed.)
Paths of Emancipation. Jews, States and Citizenship. Ed. by Pierre Birnbaum and Ira Katznelson.
      Princeton, N.J.: Princeton Univ. Pr. (1995). VIII, 308 S. 8°
ISBN 0-691-03461-3
Library shelf-mark: Bn/2170        
Subject headings: Emancipation/!Jews/!Europe/1800-1900
Katznelson, Ira (ed.)
Working-Class Formation. Nineteenth-Century Patterns in Western Europe and the United States. Ed. by Ira Katznelson and Aristide R. Zolberg.
      (Princeton, N.J.): Princeton Univ. Press (1986). VIII, 470 S., Abb. 8°
Library shelf-mark: Dh/2002