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Europe Through a Glass Darkly. (Stanley Hoffmann [u.a.]).
      (Cambridge, Mass.: American Academy of Arts and Sciences) 1994. XVI, 223 S. 8°
(Daedalus. Vol. 123,2.)        
Library shelf-mark: Br/3620        
Subject headings: Treaty of Maastricht/1992
European communities/!Germany
Maastricht <1992>
Hoffmann, Stanley (ed.)
Rousseau on International Relations. Ed. by Stanley Hoffmann, David P. Fidler.
      Oxford: Clarendon Press 1991. LXXVII, 214 S. 8°
ISBN 0-19-827321-5
Library shelf-mark: Gk/Rou 5        
Subject headings: Rousseau, Jean-Jacques 1712-1778/!International relations
Hoffmann, Stanley
Janus and Minerva. Essays in the Theory and Practice of International Politics. Stanley Hoffmann.
      Boulder, Colo., London: Westview Press (1987). XIV, 457 S. 8°
ISBN 0-8133-0390-7
Library shelf-mark: Bo/4800        
Maier, Charles S. (ed.)
The Rise of the Nazi Regime. Historical Reassessments. Ed. by Charles S. Maier, Stanley Hoffmann, and Andrew Gould.
      Boulder, Colo., London: Westview Press (1986). XVIII, 152 S. 8°
(A Westview Special Study.)
Library shelf-mark: Sh.3/30/2        
Subject headings: Germany/1933-1945/!Congress
Hoffmann, Stanley
Primacy or World Order. American Foreign Policy since the Cold War. Stanley Hoffmann.
      New York, N.Y. [usw.]: McGraw-Hill (1978). XV, 333 S. 8°
Library shelf-mark: Rg.5/401        
Deutsch, Karl W. (ed.)
The Relevance of International Law. Essays in Honor of Leo Gross. Ed. by Karl W. Deutsch and Stanley Hoffmann.
      Cambridge, Mass.: Schenkman (1968). 280 S., Abb. 8°
Library shelf-mark: Ae/Gro 1        
Subject headings: International Law/1968