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Foot, Michael
Aneurin Bevan. 1897-1960. Michael Foot. Ed. by Brian Brivati. (Abridged ed.).
      London: Gollancz (1997). 634 S., Abb. 8°
ISBN 0-575-06528-1
Library shelf-mark: Ui.13/Beva 1        
Subject headings: Bevan, Aneurin 1897-1960

Bequeathed by Francis L. Carsten
»     Foot, Michael: Aneurin Bevan
Vol. 1. 1897-1945. Michael Foot. (3rd impr.). 1962. 536 S., Abb.
Library shelf-mark: Ui.13/Beva 1(1        
Foot, Michael
Aneurin Bevan. A Biography. Michael Foot.
      London: Macgibbon & Kee 1962-    . Vol. 1-   . 8°
Library shelf-mark: Ui.13/Beva 1(        
Subject headings: Bevan, Aneurin 1897-1960
Vol. 11897-1945. - 1962. - 536 S., Abb.
Foot, Michael
Who are the patriots? By Michael Foot and Donald Bruce.
      London: Gollancz 1949. 125 S. 8°
Bem.: Michael Food, MP, b. 1913.
Library shelf-mark: Uk.13/Foot 1        
Subject headings: Labour Party/!Domestic Policy/!Great Britain/1948
Crossman, Richard Howard Stafford
A Palestine Munich? By R[ichard] H[oward] S[tafford] Crossman and Michael Foot.
      London: Gollancz 1946. 31 S. 8°
Library shelf-mark: Ng.Pal/3090        
Subject headings: Palestine Question/1946

Bequeathed by Francis L. Carsten
Foot, Michael
The trial of Mussolini. Being a verbatim report of the first great trial for war criminals held in London sometime in 1944 or 1945. By 'Cassius'.
      London: Gollancz 1943. 82 S. 8°
Library shelf-mark: Mmf.13/Musso 15