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Donaldson, Gordon (ed.)
Four Centuries Edinburgh University Life. 1583-1983. Ed. by Gordon Donaldson. The University of Edinburgh.
      (Edinburgh: Edinburgh Univ. Press) 1983. XI, 185 S., Abb. 8°
Library shelf-mark: Us/5900        
Donaldson, Gordon
A Dictionary of Scottish History. Gordon Donaldson, Robert S. Morpeth.
      Edinburgh: Donald (1977). 234 S. 8°
Library shelf-mark: Us/10
Reference Section        
Donaldson, Gordon
The First Trial of Mary, Queen of Scots. Gordon Donaldson.
      (London): New English Library (1974). 172 S. 8°
Library shelf-mark: Us/Mar 4        
Subject headings: Mary <Queen of Scots> 1542-1587/Trial/1568-1569
Maria Stuart   see   Mary <Queen of Scots> 1542-1587

Bequeathed by Francis L. Carsten
Donaldson, Gordon (ed.)
Common Errors in Scottish History. Ed. by Gordon Donaldson.
      London: Philip 1956. 26 S. 8°
(General Series (Historical Association). No 32.)        
Library shelf-mark: Us/700        
Subject headings: Myths/!Scotland/ 209-1891

Bequeathed by Francis L. Carsten
Dickinson, William Croft (ed.)
A Source Book of Scottish History. Ed. by William Croft Dickinson, Gordon Donaldson.
      London [u.a.]: Nelson     -    . Vol.   -   . 8°
Library shelf-mark: Us/1050(        
31567 to 1707. - (1954). - X, 501 S.