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1 The Fall of the GDR: Germany's Road to Unity. David Childs. - Longman 2001 So.3/577
2 The Stasi: The East German Intelligence and Security Service. David Childs. - Macmillan 1996 So.6/2502
3 Germany in the Twentieth Century. David Childs. - Batsford 1991 Sa.3/192
4 East Germany in Comparative Perspective. David Childs (ed.) - Routledge 1989 So.3/160
5 Children in War: Reminiscences of the Second World War. David Childs (ed.) - Institute of German, Austrian and Swiss Affairs, Univ. of Nottingham 1989 Ko/2705
6 The GDR: Moscow's German Ally. David Childs. - Allen & Unwin 1983 So.3/60
7 West Germany: Politics and Society. David Childs. - Croom Helm 1982 Sk.3/64
8 Germany since 1918. David Childs. - Batsford Academic and Educational Ltd 1980 Sa.3/160
9 The Changing Face of Western Communism. David Childs (ed.) - Croom Helm 1980 Bf/2741
10 Britain since 1945: A Political History. David Childs. - Benn 1979 Uk.3/12
11 From Schumacher to Brandt: The Story of German Socialism 1945-1965. David Childs. - Pergamon Press 1966 Sk.6/2213
12 Politics and Society in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: The Journal of the Association for the Study of German Politics and the Institute of German, Austrian and Swiss Affairs. David Childs (ed.) - Institute of German, Austrian and Swiss Affairs 1988-1993 Zs 216/ 1-5