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Aschheim, Steven E. (ed.)
The German-Jewish Experience Revisited. German-Jewish Experience Revisited. edited by Steven E. Aschheim, Vivian Liska ; in cooperation with the Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem. 1. Aufl.
      Berlin ; Boston: De Gruyter 2015. 1 Online-Ressource (288 Seiten)
(Perspectives on Jewish texts and contexts. Volume 3.)
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ISBN 978-3-11-036719-5
Library shelf-mark: eBook Open Access        
Geschichte / Kulturgeschichte
Aschheim, Steven E.
Beyond the border. The German-Jewish legacy abroad. Steven E. Aschheim.
      Princeton, N.J., Oxford: Princeton Univ. Press (2007). XI, 194 S., Abb. 8°
ISBN 978-0-691-12223-6
Library shelf-mark: Sa.12/3528        
Subject headings: Jews/!exile/!intellectual life/1933-1970
Zionism/!intellectual life/!ethnic relations/!Germany/1933-1970
Jews/!intellectual life/!civilization/1933-1970
Aschheim, Steven E.
In Times of Crisis. Essays on European Culture, Germans, and Jews. Steven E. Aschheim.
      (Madison, Wis., London): Univ. of Wisconsin Press (2001). X, 269 S. 8°
ISBN 0-299-16864-6
Library shelf-mark: Sa.12/3529        
Subject headings: German-Jewish identity/1800-2000
Intellectual life/!Jews/!Germany/1800-2000
Aschheim, Steven E. (ed.)
Hannah Arendt in Jerusalem. Ed. by Steven E. Aschheim.
      Berkeley, Calif., Los Angeles, Calif., London: Univ. of California Press (2001). XII, 428 S. 8°
ISBN 0-520-22057-9
Library shelf-mark: Gk/Aren 26        
Subject headings: Arendt, Hannah 1906-1975
Aschheim, Steven E.
Culture and Catastrophe. German and Jewish Confrontations with National Socialism and Other Crises. Steven E. Aschheim.
      (Basingstoke, London): Macmillan (1996). X, 210 S. 8°
ISBN 0-333-62313-4
Library shelf-mark: Sa.11/6550        
Subject headings: Culture/!Germany/1918-1949
Nietzsche, Friedrich 1844-1900/!Antisemitism/!Germany
Arndt, Hannah 1906-1975/!Jaspers, Karl 1883-1969/!German-Jewish dialogue
Aschheim, Steven E.
Brothers and Strangers. The East European Jew in German and German Jewish Consciousness, 1800-1923. Steven E. Aschheim.
      (Madison, Wisc.): Univ. of Wisconsin Press (1982). XIII, 331 S., Abb. 8°
Library shelf-mark: Bn/3305