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Library of the Written World.
      Leiden, Boston, Mass.: Brill     -    . [Vol.]   -  . 8°
Recent editions also issued as eBooks.


3What Happened to the Ancient Library of Alexandria?. edited by Mostafa El-Abbadi and Omnia Fathallah ; with a preface by Ismail Serageldin
Vol. 36From Ghent to Aix : How They Brought the News in the Habsburg Netherlands, 1550-1700. by Paul Arblaster
Vol. 39News in Early Modern Europe : Currents and Connections. Ed. by Simon F. Davies, Puck Fletcher
Volume 47News networks in early modern Europe. edited by Joad Raymond, Noah Moxham
Volume 58Dutch and Flemish newspapers of the Seventeenth Century, 1618-1700. Arthur der Weduwen
73Negotiating conflict and controversy in the early modern book world. edited by Alexander S. Wilkinson, Graeme J. Kemp
80Publishing for the popes : the Roman Curia and the use of printing (1527-1555). Paolo Sachet
84Episodes in the life of the early modern learned book
86The business of news. by Heiko Droste ; translated by Madeleine Hurd
87Booksellers and printers in provincial France, 1470-1600. by Malcolm Walsby
90News in times of conflict : the development of the German newspaper, 1605-1650. Jan Hillgärtner
92Print and Power in Early Modern Europe (1500-1800). Editors: Nina Lamal, Jamie Cumby, and Helmer J. Helmers
94Print culture at the crossroads : the book and Central Europe. edited by Elizabeth Dillenburg, Howard Louthan, Drew B. Thomas
volume 96The industry of evangelism : printing for the Reformation in Martin Lutherʿs Wittenberg. Drew B. Thomas
99Communities of Print : Books and Their Readers in Early Modern Europe. edited by Rosamund Oates and Jessica G. Purdy