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DeVries, Kelly (ed.)
History of Warfare. Ed.: Kelly DeVries.
      Leiden, Boston, Mass.: Brill     -    . Vol.   -  . 8°


Vol. 6Scotland and the Thirty Years' War 1618-1648. Ed. by Steve Murdoch
v. 37Noble ideals and bloody realities : warfare in the middle ages. edited by Niall Christie and Maya Yazigi
Vol. 50The Central Convent of Hospitallers and Templars : History, Organization, and Personnel <1099/1120-1310>. By Jochen Burgtorf
Vol. 75The Projection and Limitations of Imperial Powers, 1618-1850. Ed. by Frederick C. Schneid
Vol. 80The Seven Years' War : Global Views. Ed. by Mark H. Danley, Patrick J. Speelman
v. 114Warriors for a Living : The Experience of the Spanish Infantry During the Italian Wars, 1494-1559
Volume 130The First World War and health : rethinking resilience. edited by Leo Van Bergen and Eric Vermetten
131Prussian strategic thought 1815-1830 : beyond Clausewitz. by Jacek Jedrysiak ; translated by Witold Zbirohowski-Koscia
Volume 133Fighting hunger, dealing with shortage : everyday life under occupation in World War II Europe: a source edition. edited by Tatjana Tönsmeyer, Peter Haslinger, Wlodzimierz Borodziej, Stefan Martens, Irina Sherbakova ; in cooperation with Francis Ipgrave, Agnes Laba
141England and the Thirty Years' War. by Adam Marks