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Cohen, Gary Bennett (ed.)
Austrian and Habsburg Studies. Gen. Ed.: Gary B[ennett] Cohen.
      New York, N.Y., Oxford: Berghahn Books     -    . Vol.   -  . 8°
Recent editions also issued as eBooks.


Vol. 8Crime, Jews and News : Vienna 1895-1914. Daniel M(ark) Vyleta
Vol. 9The Limits of Loyalty : Imperial symbolism, popular allegiances, and state patriotism in the late Habsburg Monarchy. Ed. by Laurence Cole and Daniel L. Unowsky
Vol. 10Embodiments of Power : Building Baroque Cities in Europe. Ed. by Gary B[ennett] Cohen and Franz A. J. Szabo
Vol. 11Diversity and Dissent : Negotiating Religious Difference in Central Europe, 1500-1800. Ed. by Howard Louthan, Gary B[ennett] Cohen, Franz A. J. Szabo
Vol. 15Territorial revisionism and the allies of Germany in the Second World War : Goals, Expectations, Practices. Ed. by Marina Cattaruzza, Stefan Dyroff [u.a.]
17Understanding multiculturalism : the Habsburg Central European experience. edited by Johannes Feichtinger and Gary B. Cohen
18Sacrifice and Rebirth : The Legacy of the Last Habsburg War
27Empty signs, historical imaginaries : the entangled nationalization of names and naming in a late Habsburg borderland. Agoston Berecz
Volume 31More than mere spectacle : coronations and inaugurations in the Habsburg monarchy during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Edited by Klaas Van Gelder ; Afterword by Helen Watanabe-OʿKelly
Volume 33The Vienna Gestapo 1938-1945 : crimes, perpetrators, victims. Elisabeth Boeckl-Klamper, Thomas Mang, and Wolfgang Neugebauer ; translated by John Nicholson and Nick Somers