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Shafer, Boyd C. (ed.)
Europe and the World in the Age of Expansion. Ed. by Boyd C. Shafer.
      Minneapolis, Minn.: Univ. of Minnesota Press; [Oxford]: Oxford Univ. Press 1974-    . Vol. 1-  . 8°


1Foundations of the Portuguese Empire : 1415-1580. By Bailey W. Diffie and George D. Winius
2Rival Empires of Trade in the Orient : 1600-1800. By Holden Furber
Vol. 3Spain and Portugal in the New World : 1492-1700. By Lyle N. McAlister
Vol. 4The North Atlantic World in the Seventeenth Century. K(enneth) G(ordon) Davies
6The false dawn : European imperialism in the nineteenth century. By Raymond F. Betts
7Islands and empires : Western impact on the Pacific and East Asia. By Ernest S. Dodge
8The Imperial Experience in Sub-Saharan Africa since 1870. By Henry S. Wilson
9The Commonwealth of Nations : Origins and Impact. 1869-1971. By W. David McIntyre
10Uncertain Dimensions : Western Overseas Empires in the 20th Century. By Raymond F. Betts