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Bartov, Omer (ed.)
Studies on War and Genocide. General Editor: Omer Bartov.
      New York, N.Y., Oxford: Berghahn Books 1999-    . Vol. 1-   . 8°
Recent editions also issued as eBooks.
War and Genocide


Vol. 1The Massacre in History. Ed. by Mark Levene and Penny Roberts
Vol. 2National Socialist Extermination Policies : Contemporary German Perspectives and Controversies. Ed. by Ulrich Herbert
Vol. 3War of Extermination : The German Military in World War II, 1941-1944. Ed. by Hannes Heer and Klaus Naumann
Vol. 4In God's Name : Genocide and Religion in the Twentieth Century. Ed. by Omer Bartov and Phyllis Mack
Vol. 6Networks of Nazi Persecution : Bureaucracy, Business, and the Organization of the Holocaust. Ed. by Gerald D. Feldman and Wolfgang Seibel
Vol. 8Gray Zones : Ambiguity and Compromise in the Holocaust and Its Aftermath. Ed. and Introd. by Jonathan Petropoulos and John K. Roth
Vol. 9Robbery and restitution : the conflict over Jewish property in Europe. edited by Martin Dean, Constantin Goschler and Philipp Ther
Vol. 9Robbery and Restitution : The Conflict over Jewish Property in Europe. Ed. by Martin Dean, Constantin Goschler [u.a.]. Publ. in Association with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Vol. 10Exploitation, resettlement, mass murder : Political and economic planning for German occupation policy in the Soviet Union, 1940-1941
Vol. 13The Train Journey : Transit, Captivity, and Witnessing in the Holocaust. Simone Gigliotti
Vol. 14"The Final Solution" in Riga : Exploitation and Annihilation, 1941-1944. Andrej Angrick and Peter Klein. Transl. from the German by Ray Brandon
Bd 15The Kings and the Pawns : Collaboration in Byelorussia during World War II. Leonid Rein
Vol. 16Reassessing the Nuremberg Military Tribunals : Transitional Justice, Trial Narratives, and Historiography. Ed. by Kim C. Priemel and Alexa Stiller
17The Nazi Genocide of the Roma : Reassessment and Commemoration. Ed. by Anton Weiss-Wendt
Vol. 18Judging "privileged" Jews : Holocaust ethics, representation, and the "Grey zone". Adam Brown
Vol. 19The dark side of nation-states : Ethnic cleansing in Modern Europe. Philipp Ther. Transl. from the German by Charlotte Kreutzmüller
Vol. 20The Greater German Reich and the Jews : Nazi Persecution Policies in the Annexed Territories 1935-1945. Ed. by Wolf Gruner and Jörg Osterloh. Transl. by Bernard Heise
Vol. 20The Greater German Reich and the Jews : Nazi persecution policies in the Annexed Territories 1935-1945. Edited by Wolf Gruner and Jörg Osterloh ; translated by Bernard Heise
volume 24Microhistories of the Holocaust. Edited by Claire Zalc and Tal Bruttmann
27Probing the limits of categorization : the bystander in Holocaust history. edited by Christina Morina and Krijn Thijs
Volume 28The Holocaust in Bohemia and Moravia : local initiatives, German policies, and Jewish responses. Wolf Gruner ; translated from the German by Alex Skinner
volume 29A sad fiasco : colonial concentration camps in Southern Africa, 1900-1908. Jonas Kreienbaum ; translated from the German by Elizabeth Janik
Volume 31The Herero genocide : war, emotion, and extreme violence in colonial Namibia. Matthias Häussler ; translated from the German by Elizabeth Janik