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Luscombe, David Edward (ed.)
Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought.
Series 4.
General Ed.: D[avid] E[dward] Luscombe. Advisory Ed.: R[ichard] B[arrie] Dobson, Rosamond McKitterick.
      Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press 1986-    . 1-   . 8°


1The Beaumont Twins : The Roots and Branches of Power in the Twelfth Century. David Crouch
3The Government of England under Henry I. Judith A. Green
11Richard III : A Study of Service. Rosemary Horrox
14Hagiography and the Cult of Saints : The Diocese of Orléans, 800-1200
15Kings and Lords in Conquest England. Robin Fleming
18Province and Empire : Brittany and the Carolingians. Julia M. H. Smith
21Itinerant Kingship and Royal Monasteries in Early Medieval Germany, c. 936-1075. John W(illiam) Bernhardt
23Bishop and Chapter in Twelfth-Century England : A Study of the Mensa Episcopalis
39Family, commerce, and religion in London and Cologne : Anglo-German emigrants, c.1000 - c.1300
46Restoration and Reform, 1153-1165 : Recovery from Civil War in England
47State and Society in the Early Middle Ages : The Middle Rhine Valley, 400 - 1000
50At the Gate of Christendom : Jews, Muslims and 'Pagans' in Medieval Hungary, c. 1000 - c. 1300. Nora Berend
58In the Shadow of Burgundy : The Court of Guelders in the Late Middle Ages. Gerard Nijsten. Transl. by Tanis Guest
61The Reform of the Frankish Church : Chrodegang of Metz and the Regula canonicorum in the Eighth Century. M(artin) A. Claussen
65Politics and Power in Early Medieval Europe : Alsace and the Frankish Realm, 600-1000
79Templar families : Landowning families and the Order of the Temple in France, c.1120-1307. Jochen Schenk
83The making of the monastic community of Fulda, c.744 - c.900. Janneke Raaijmakers
[86]Episcopal power and ecclesiastical reform in the German Empire : Tithes, Lordship, and Community, 950-1150. John Eldevik
Vol. 90Reframing the feudal revolution : Political and Social Transformation Between Marne and Moselle, c. 800 to c. 1100. Charles West
v.108Conquest and Christianization : Saxony and the Carolingian world, 772-888. Ingrid Rembold (University of Oxford)
111Carolingian Catalonia : politics, culture, and identity in an imperial province, 778-987. Cullen J. Chandler
113Flodoard of Rheims and the Writing of History in the Tenth Century. Edward Roberts
116The canons of the Third Lateran Council of 1179 : their origins and reception. Danica Summerlin
120Royal childhood and child kingship : boy kings in England, Scotland, France and Germany, c. 1050-1262. Emily Joan Ward (University of Edinburgh)