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Variorum collected studies series.
      Ashgate [usw.]: Ashgate Variorum     -    . [Vol.]   -  . 8°


260L'Asie du Sud à l'époque des Grandes Découvertes. Geneviève Bouchon
507Luther and German Humanism. Lewis W(illiam) Spitz
643Lutherans and Calvinists in the Age of Confessionalism
657Rulers and Ruling Families in Early Medieval Europe : Alfred, Charles the Bald, and Others. Janet L[aughland] Nelson
747Guns and Men in Medieval Europe, 1200-1500 : Studies in Military History and Technology
753Scholars and Courtiers : Intellectuals and Society in the Medieval West
794Rulership in France, 15th-17th Centuries. Ralph E. Giesey
878Courts, Elites, and Gendered Power in the Early Middle Ages : Charlemagne and Others. Janet L(aughland) Nelson
937Ritual, Ceremony and the Changing Monarchy in France, 1350-1789. Lawrence M(acBride) Bryant
1010Power and its problems in Carolingian Europe. Stuart Airlie
1019The Middle Ages without Feudalism : Essays in Criticism and Comparison on the Medieval West. Susan Reynolds
1029Witchcraft, Madness, Society, and Religion in Early Modern Germany : A Ship of Fools. H[ans] C[hristian] Erik Midelfort