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An Anglo-German Foundation Report (Ein Bericht der Deutsch-Britischen Stiftung)
      London: Anglo-German Foundation for the Study of Industrial Society     -    . [Jahr] 19  -    . [H.   -   ]. 4°
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1994,[1]Discrimination, Racism and Citizenship : Inclusion and Exclusion in Britain and Germany. Zig Layton-Henry and Czarina Wilpert
1995,[1]Transformation und öffentliche Meinung in Ostdeutschland und in den osteuropäischen Reformstaaten
1995,[2]'Greening' the tax system in Britain and Germany
1996,[1]Unemployment and the Economy of the City : London and Berlin compared. By Sam Aaronovitch, Karl Birkhölzer [u.a.]
1996,[2]The Creative City in Britain and Germany. Charles Landry, Franco Bianchini [u.a.]
1996,[3]Structure and ownership of east German enterprises : An evaluation of the Treuhand. Wendy Carlin and Colin Mayer
1996,[4]International human resource practices in Britain and Germany
1996,[5]Strukturen und Eigentumsverhältnisse der Unternehmen in den neuen Ländern : Eine Einschätzung der Treuhand. Wendy Carlin und Colin Mayer
1996,[6]Employee networking and the European Works Council Directive : Britain and Germany compared. By Miguel Martínez Lucio and Syd Weston
1997,[1]Deregulation and employment in Britain and Germany. By Arne Heise
1997,[2]Whither the Committee of the Regions? : British and German Perspectives. By Stephen Collins and Charlie Jeffery
1997,[3]Long-term care for the elderly : Britain and Germany compared. By Adalbert Evers and Tessa Harding. Ed. by Bob Harrison
1997,[4]Trade associations in Britain and Germany : Responding to internationalisation and the EU. Ed. by Robert J. Bennett
1997,[5]Competition policy and the regulation of the electricity supply industry in Britain and Germany. By Roland Sturm and Stephen Wilks
1997,[6]Corporate restructuring in Britain and Germany. Ed. by Geoffrey Owen and Ansgar Richter
1997,[7]Corporate governance in large British and German companies : Comparative institutional advantage or competing for best practice. Sigurd Vitols, Steven Casper, David Soskice and Stephen Woolcock
1998,[1]Rail privatisation : Britain and Germany compared. Carmen Hass-Klau and Environmental & Transport Planning
1998,[2]Wettbewerbspolitik und die Regulierung der Elektrizitätswirtschaft in Großbritannien und Deutschland. Roland Sturm, Stephen Wilks, Edmund Ortwein und Markus M. Müller
1999,[1]The Corporate Structure of UK and German Manufacturing Firms : Changes in Response to the SEM. Stephen Davies, Catherine Matraves, David Petts, Lars-Hedrik Röller
1999,[2]Labour Market Flexibility and Inward Investment in Germany and the UK. Philip Raines, Roland Döhrn, Ross Brown, Markus Scheuer
2001,[1]The Public Interest and the Company in Britain and Germany : Project Funded by the Anglo-German Foundation, 1998-1999. Report. Prepared by Shawn Donnelly [u.a.]
2001,[1]Unpaid Work in the Workplace : A Comparison of Germany and the UK. June 2000. David N. F. Bell [u.a.]
2003,[1]ICT skills in the UK and Germany : How companies adapt and react. Hilary Steedman, Karin Wagner, Jim Foreman
2003,[2]Standort UK? : German DFI and employment. Ulrich Hoppe [usw.]. German-British Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Manchester Metropolitan University
2003,[3]Regional Venture Capital Policy UK and Germany Compared. Ron Martin [u.a.]
2003,[4]United we stand? : Trade Union mergers, UK and Germany compared
2004,[1]Is it easier to be a Turk in Berlin or a Pakistani in Bradford?
2004,[1]Lebt es sich leichter als Türke in Berlin oder als Pakistani in Bradford?. Roger Boyes, Dorte Huneke
2004,[3]The Future of Professionalised Work in Britain and Germany : Pharmacists. Christel Lane, Frank Wilkinson, Wolfgang Littek [u.a.]
2004,[4]The Future of Professionalised Work in Britain and Germany : Solicitors and Advocates. Christel Lane, Frank Wilkinson, Wolfgang Littek [u.a.]
2004,[5]The Future of Professionalised Work in Britain and Germany : Counselling Psychologists and Psychotherapists. Christel Lane, Frank Wilkinson, Wolfgang Littek [u.a.]
2004,[6]The Future of Professionalised Work in Britain and Germany : Human Resource Managers and Business Consultants. Christel Lane, Frank Wilkinson, Wolfgang Littek [u.a.]
2005,[1]Reconciling demand for labour migration with public concerns about immigration: Germany and the UK. Christina Boswell, Meng-Hsuan Chou and Julie Smith
2005,[2]The Greying of the Labour Market: What can Britain and Germany learn from each other?. Frerich Frechis, Philip Taylor
2005,[3]The impact of family structure during childhood on later-life attainment. Marco Francesconi, Stephen P. Jenkins, and Thomas Siedler
2006,[1]The British banking system : A good role model for Germany?. Andy Mullineux, Eva Terberger