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East European Monographs.
      New York: Columbia University Press     -    . No   -   


21The Crises of France's East Central European Diplomacy 1933-1938. Anthony Tihamer Komjathy
23The Habsburg Empire in World War I. : Essays on the intellectual, military, political and economic aspects of the Habsburg war effort. Ed. by Robert A. Kann, Béla K. Király [u.a.]
25German-Hungarian Relations and the Swabian Problem : From Károlyi to Gömbös 1919-1936. Thomas Spira
No 28Tradition versus Revolution : Russia and the Balkans in 1917. Robert H[arold] Johnston
39The Polish underground state : A guide to the underground, 1939-1945. By Stefan Korbonski. Transl. from the Polish original by Marta Erdman
47The Nobility and the making of the Hussite Revolution. John Martin Klassen
49On the border of war and peace : Polish intelligence and diplomacy in 1937-1939 and the origins of the ultra secret. Richard A. Woytak
52Prime Minister Gyula Andrássy's influence on Habsburg foreign policy : During the Franco-German War of 1870-1871. János Decsy
No 80Prelude to Appeasement : East Central European Diplomacy in the Early 1930's. Lisanne Radice
86Prussian Poland in the German Empire : 1871-1900. By Richard Blanke
No 90The Second Republic : The Disintegration of Post-Munich Czechoslovakia, October 1938 - March 1939. Theodore Procházka, Sr
100Ferdinand I. of Austria : The Politics of Dynasticism in the Age of the Reformation. Paula Sutter Fichtner
No 106Army, aristocracy, monarchy : Essays on war, society, and government in Austria, 1618-1780. Thomas M. Barker
No 114Continuity and Change in Austrian Socialism : The Eternal Quest for the Third Way. Melanie A. Sully
No 117Dynasty, Politics and Culture : Selected Essays. Ed. by Stanley B. Winters
No 142Germany, Russia, and the Balkans : Prelude to the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact. Marilynn Giroux Hitchens
No 143Guestworkers in the German Reich : A Polish Community in Wilhelmian Germany. Richard Charles Murphy
No 150East Central European Society and War in the Era of Revolutions : 1775-1856. Béla K. Király, Ed
No 166Frederick I : The Man and His Times. Linda and Marsha Frey
No 185The Anschluss Movement, 1931-1938, and the Great Powers. By Alfred D[avid] Low
No 187The Secret Enemy : Austria-Hungary and the German Alliance, 1914-1918
No 208The Tragedy of Hungarian Jewry : Essays, Documents, Depositions. Ed. by Randolph L. Braham
No 237The Time of the Thunderer : Mikhail Katkov, Russian Nationalist Extremism and the Failure of the Bismarckian System, 1871-1887. Karel Durman
No 244Germany and Yugoslavia, 1933-1941 : The German Conquest of Yugoslavia. Frank C. Littlefield
No 259Minority Politics in a Multinational State : The German Social Democrats in Czechoslovakia, 1918-1938
No 277The Oder-Neisse Line : A Reappraisal under International Law
No 285The German-Hungarian-Swabian Triangle : 1936-1939. The Road to Discord
No. 508Mosaic of Fear : Poland and East Germany before 1989
637The fall and rise of a nation : Czechoslovakia 1938-1941. By Edvard Beneš. Introd. and ed. by Milan Hauner
No. 655The Massacre in Jedwabne July 10, 1941 : Before, During, and After. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz