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History Series.
      London, Ronceverte, W.Va: Hambledon Press     -    . [Vol.]   -   . 8°


5England in the fifteenth century : Collected essays. K. B. McFarlane. Introd. by G. L. Harriss
6Studies in Medieval Thought and Learning : From Abelard to Wyclif. Beryl Smalley
9Reformation Studies. A[rthur] G[eoffrey] Dickens
10Lollards and Protestants in the Diocese of York : 1509-1558. By A[rthur] G[eoffrey] Dickens
12Medieval Germany and its Neighbours : 900-1250. K(arl) J. Leyser
16England, France and Burgundy in the Fifteenth Century. C[harles] A[rthur] J[ohn] Armstrong
17The Norman Conquest and Beyond. Frank Barlow
22Lollards and Reformers : Images and Literacy in Late Medieval Religion. Margaret Aston
23Godly people : Essays on English Protestantism and Puritanism. Patrick Collinson
24Land, Men and Beliefs : Studies in Early-Modern History. J. P. Cooper. Ed., with an Introd. by G[erald] E[dward] Aylmer and J[ohn] S[tephen] Morrill
27Popes, Monks and Crusaders. H[erbert] E. J. Cowdrey
28Class Conflict and the Crisis of Feudalism : Essays in Medieval Social History. Rodney (Howard) Hilton
30Princes, Politics and Religion : 1547-1589. N[icola] M[ary] Sutherland
33The Great Reclothing of Rural England : Petty Chapmen and their Wares in the 17th Century. (H.) Margaret Spufford
34Politics and Finance in the Eighteenth Century. Lucy [S.] Sutherland. Ed. by Aubrey (N[orris]) Newman
41The Gospels in the Schools : c. 1100 - c. 1280. Beryl Smalley
43Monarchy, Magnates and Institutions in the Anglo-Norman World. C(harles) Warren Hollister
49Politicians and Virtuosi : Essays in Early Modern History. H[elmut] G[eorg] Koenigsberger
50Essays in German History. F(rancis) L(udwig) Carsten