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General Series (Historical Association).
      London: Historical Association     -    . No    -   . 8°


No 2The Causes of the French Revolution : A course of reading. By Alfred Cobban
No 8Bismarck after Fifty Years. By Erich Eyck
No 9Lord Acton. By H[erbert] Butterfield. The Historical Association
11King Charles I : 1649-1949. By C[icely] V[eronica] Wedgwood [u.a.]
No 24The Byzantine Empire on the Eve of the Crusades. By R[omilly] J[ames] H[erald] Jenkins
No 27Edward III and David II. By E[van] W[hyte] M[elville] Balfour-Melville
No 29Penruddock's Rising 1655. By A[ustin] H[erbert] Woolrych
No 31The Great Charter : A Translation with an Introduction and Notes. By J[ohn] C[ompton] Dickinson
No 32Common Errors in Scottish History. Ed. by Gordon Donaldson
No 34Liberalism in Nineteenth-Century Europe. Irene Collins
No 35Limited Monarchy in Great Britain in the Eighteenth Century. Richard Pares
No 36Enlightened Despotism. Fritz Hartung
No 37Mercantilism. Charles [Henry] Wilson
No 39The Origins of the First World War. By Bernadotte E[verly] Schmitt
No 41Tudor Enclosures
No 42Macaulay. Mark A[lméras] Thomson
No 43The American Empire : Its Historical Pattern and Evolution. Richard W[arner] VanAlstyne
No 45Central and Local Government in Scotland since 1707. By George S[mith] Pryde
No 46European Rule in Africa. By A[lexander] J[ohn] Hanna
No 47Interpretations of the French Revolution. By G[eorge] Rudé
No 51Henry VIII : An Essay in Revision. G[eoffrey] R[udolph] Elton
No 52The Coming of War in 1939. By W[illiam] N[orton] Medlicott
No 53King John. By J[ames] C[larke] Holt
No 54The Great Powers in the Pacific. By W[illiam] P[arker] Morrell
No 55Panslavism. By John Erickson
No 58The Industrial Revolution in England. By R[onald] M[ax] Hartwell
No 59Modern Spain. [C]harles A[istair] M[ichael] Hennessy
No 60Simon de Montfort : 1265-1965. By C[live] H[ubert] Knowles
No 61Chartism. By F[rederick] C[lare] Mather
No 62Catherine de Medici and the Ancien Régime. By N[icola] M[ary] Sutherland
No 63Charles II. By K[enneth] H[arold] D[obson] Haley
No 64A Commercial Revolution : English Overseas Trade in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. By Ralph Davis
No 68Henry V. By C[hristopher] T[homas] Allmand
No 69The Reformed Electoral System in Great Britain : 1832 - 1914. By H[arold] J[ohn] Hanham
No 70The Local Community and the Great Rebellion. By Alan (M[ilner]) Everitt
No 71Peter the Great. By M[atthew] S[mith] Anderson
No 72Francis I and Absolute Monarchy. By R[obert] J[ean] Knecht
73The new imperialism. By M[uriel] E[velyn] Chamberlain
No 74Lord North : The Noble Lord in the Blue Ribbon. By John [Ashton] Cannon
No 75The Nation of Scots and the Declaration of Arbroath, 1320. A[rchibald] A[lexander] M[cBeth] Duncan
No 76Elementary Education in the Nineteenth Century
No 77The Kingdom of Germany in the High Middle Ages : <900-1200>. J[ohn] B[ennett] Gillingham
Nr 78The Paris Commune of 1871. By Eugene Schulkind
No 80Cavour. By H[arry] Hearder
No 81Irish Unionism : 1885-1922. By Patrick Buckland
No 82The British General Strike 1926. By Margaret Morris
No 83Louis XIV. By Roland Mousnier. Transl. by J. W. Hunt
No 85The Albigensian Crusade. By Bernard Hamilton
No 86Religion and Party in Late Stuart England. By Geoffrey [S.] Holmes
No 87The War of American Independence. Esmond Wright
No 88The End of Colonial Rule in West Africa. John D[esmond] Hargreaves
89Ulrich Zwingli. George R. Potter
90English local government in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. B. Keith-Lucas
91The Russian constitutional monarchy, 1907-17. R. B. McKean
92Regional aspects of the Scottish Reformation. Ian B. Cowan
93The Atlantic Slave Trade and Black Africa. P. E. H. Hair
94William the Silent and the Revolt of the Netherlands. K. W. Swart. The Historical Association
96Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal. D. K. Adams
No 97Women's Suffrage in Britain 1867-1928
98The Church of England in the Mid-Nineteenth century : A social geography. B. I. Coleman
99The Scottish enlightenment. George E. Davie
100The great revolt of 1381. E. B. Fryde
102The Lords of Renaissance Italy: the signori, 1250-1500. John E. Law
103The Terror in the French Revolution. Norman Hampson
104The Poor Law in Nineteenth-Century England and Wales. Anne Digby
No 105The Oxford Movement and Anglican Ritualism. Nigel Yates
No 106English Puritanism. Patrick Collinson