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Laslett, Peter (ed.)
Cambridge Studies in Population, Economy and Society in Past Time. Ed.: Peter Laslett, Roger [S.] Schofield and E. A. Wrigley.
      Cambridge [usw.]: Cambridge Univ. Press     -    . [Vol.]    -   . 8°


3Migration in a mature economy : Emigration and internal migration in England and Wales, 1861 - 1900. Dudley Baines
4Scottish Literacy and the Scottish Identity : Illiteracy and Society in Scotland and Northern England. 1600 - 1800. R(obert) A(llen) Houston
7Worlds within worlds : Structures of life in 16th century London. Steve Rappaport
8Upland communities : Environment, population and social structure in the Alps since the 16th century
10Famine, disease and the social order in early modern society. Ed. by John Walter and Roger [S.] Schofield
11A general view of the rural economy of England : 1538-1840
19London in the age of industrialisation : Entrepreneurs, labour force and living conditions, 1700-1850. L. D. Schwarz
20Death and the metropolis : Studies in the demographic history of London 1670-1830
27Fertility, class and gender in Britain, 1860-1940. Simon Szreter
33State corporatism and proto-industry : The Württemberg Black Forest, 1580-1797. Sheilagh [C.] Ogilvie
37Individuals, Families, and Communities in Europe, 1200-1800 : The Urban Foundations of Western Society
41Ecology, Economy and State Formation in Early Modern Germany