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The Annual Lecture (German Historical Institute London).
      London: German Historical Institute 1980-    . 1979-    . 8°
Erscheinungsverlauf: 1979(1980)-1989(1990); 1991(1992)-2001(2002); 2003(2004)-2009(2010); 2011(2012)-2013(2014); 2015(2016)-2017(2018); 2019(2020)-    
2018 has not been published; from 2019 pdf only.
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ISSN 0269-8560
Annual lectures of the German Historical Institute
Library shelf-mark: Zs 181        


1979Industrialisation and De-Industrialisation? : The Interaction of the German and British Economies before the First World War. By S[ammuel] B[errick] Saul
1980Gustav Stresemann: the Revision of Versailles and the Weimar Parliamentary System. By Karl Dietrich Erdmann
19811939 Revisited. By A[lan] J[ohn] P[ercivale] Taylor
1982Germany and the West : The Ambivalent Relationship. By Gordon A[lexander] Craig
1983Germany in the World Economy during the Nineteenth Century. By Wolfram Fischer
1984National Histories and National Historians : Some German and English Views of the Past. By James Joll
1985Britain and Germany 1800 to 1914 : Two Developmental Paths Towards Industrial Society. By Wolfgang J[ustin] Mommsen
1986Acton, Döllinger and History. By Owen Chadwick
1987Is there a German History?. By Hagen Schulze. (Transl. from the German by Angela Davies)
1988Britain and Germany since 1945 : Two Societies and Two Foreign Policies. By Roger Morgan
1989The Rise of the Arts in Modern Society. By Thomas Nipperdey
1991Confronting Clio : Myth-Makers and other Historians. By Lothar Gall. (Transl. by Angela Davies)
1992Protestant Germany through British Eyes : A Complex Victorian Encounter. By Keith Robbins
1993Reich, Nation-State, Great Power : Reflections on German Foreign Policy, 1871-1945. By Klaus Hildebrand
1994Personality and Power : The Strange Case of Hitler and Stalin. By Alan Bullock
1995"The Most Historical of All Peoples" : Nationalism and the New Construction of Jewish History in Nineteenth-Century Germany. By Ernst Schulin. (Transl. by Jane Rafferty)
1996The Crisis of the Anglo-German Antagonism 1916-17. By Michael [Eliot] Howard
1997The Veil of Memory : Anthropological Problems When Considering the Past. By Johannes Fried. (Transl. by Jane Rafferty)
1998A Sense of Place : New Directions in German History. By David Blackbourn
1999Continuity and Change : Political and Social Developments in Germany after 1945 and 1989/90. By Gerhard A. Ritter
2000Fog in Channel : Anglo-German Perspectives in the Nineteenth Century. Peter [George Julius] Pulzer
2001The Long Shadow of the Reich : Weighing Up German History. By Heinrich August Winkler
2003Fact and Fiction : St Patrick's Purgatory and the European Chivalry in the Later Middle Ages. By Werner Paravicini
2004Always Good Neighbours - Never Good Friends? : Anglo-German Relations 1949-2001. By Anthony J[ames] Nicholls
2005Europe, the "West" and civilizing mission. By Jürgen Osterhammel
2006Nationalism, Power and Modernity in Nineteeth-Century Germany. By John [J.] Breuilly
2007The Battlefield : Towards a Modern History of War. By Stig Förster
2008Opposition to Charlemagne. By Janet L[aughland] Nelson
2009The 1970s in Europe: A Period of Disillusionment or Promise?. By Hartmut Kaelble
2011Metternich's Britain. By Wolfram Siemann
2012"Jetzt judenfrei" : Writing Tourism in Nazi-Occupied Poland. By Jane Caplan
2013The moral economy of trust : Modern trajectories. By Ute Frevert
2015Cultures of decision-making. by Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger
2016Subjectivity and history : approaches to Twentieth-Century German society. by Mary Fulbrook
2017Capitalism and its critics : a long-term view. by Jürgen Kocka
2019Cosmopolitanism in a global perspective. by Ulrike Freitag
2020The crisis of the meritocracy : how popular demand (not politicians) made Britain into a mass education society. by Peter Mandler