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EUI Working Paper.
1990-    . No. 90, 1 -     


No 90, 1Single Mothers in Early Twentieth Century Sweden : Two Studies. Elisabeth Elgan and Jan Gröndahl
No 90, 5Union Strategies in Historical Perspective: Sweden and Germany. Bo Strath
No 90, 4Trade Unions Strategies and Productivity : A Suggested Framework. Alan Booth and Joseph Melling
No 90, 3Significations de la lettre de naturalité dans la France des XVIe et XVIIe siècles. Jean-François Dubost
No 90, 2Un théátre de la science et de la mort à l'èpoque baroque : L'amphithéátre d'anatomie de Leiden. Jean-Pierre Cavaillé
No 91, 7On Writing Women's Work. Bonnie G. Smith
No 91, 8La logique divine dans les Six livres de la République de Jean Bodin : Hypothèse de lecture. Marie Dominique Couzinet
No 91, 10The Middle East and European Security in the Fifties : A Historical Assessment. Lorenza Sebesta
No 91, 9From Neutrality to Alignment : Portugal in the Foundation of the Atlantic Pact. Nuno Severiano Teixeira
No 91, 12The Salazar "New State" and European Fascism. António Costa Pinto
No 91, 11Europe and the Nation-State : Inaugural Lecture of the European University Institute for the session 1990-1991 delivered at the Badia Fiesolana 20 February 1991. Stuart [Joseph] Woolf
No 92, 14The Korean War as a Case-Study and some of its Implications for Western Europe : A Reappraisal. G. Andrea Campana
No 93, 1Les bassins industriels en Europe : Production et mutation d'un espace 1750-1992
No 95, 1European Networks : A Companion Volume. Ed. by Albert Carreras, Andrea Giuntini and Michèle Merger