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Wallace, Ian (ed.)
German Monitor. General Ed.: Ian Wallace.
      Amsterdam, Atlanta, Ga.: Rodopi 1991-    . Nr 27-  . 8°
Nr 1-24 s. GDR-Monitor.
Nr 25.26 als Zeitschrift ohne Stücktit.; 27ff als Serie.
Recent editions also issued as eBooks.
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Library shelf-mark: Zs 172/27-        


No 27DDR-Schriftsteller sprechen in der Zeit : Eine Dokumentation. Hrsg. von Gerd Labroisse und Ian Wallace
No 28Dies ist nicht unser Haus : Die Rolle der katholischen Kirche in den politischen Entwicklungen der DDR. Hrsg. von H. Ester, H(ermann) Häring [u.a.]
No 29Geist und Macht : Writers and the State in the GDR. Ed. by Axel Goodbody and Dennis Tate
No 30Christa Wolf in Perspective. Ed. by Ian Wallace
No 31Women and the Wende : Social Effects and Cultural Reflections of the German Unification Process. Proceedings of a Conference held by 'Women In German Studies', 9-11 September 1993 at the Univ. of Nottingham. Ed. by Elizabeth Boa and Janet Wharton
No 32Im Blick behalten : Lyrik der DDR. Neue Beiträge des Forschungsprojekts DDR-Literatur an der Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Gerd Labroisse and Anthonya Visser
No 33Re-Assessing the GDR : Papers from a Nottingham Conference. Ed. by J. H. Reid
No 34Germany in the 1990s. Ed. by H[ans]-J[oachim] Hahn
No 35Prenzlauer Berg : Bohemia in East Berlin. Ed. by Philip Brady and Ian Wallace
No 36"Unsere Sünden sind Maulwürfe" : Die Günter-Eich-Debatte. Hrsg. von Axel Vieregg
No 37Germany after Unification : Coming to Terms with the Recent Past. Ed. by Gert-Joachim Glaeßner
No 38Kulturstreit, Streitkultur : German Literature since the Wall. Ed. by Peter Monteath and Reinhard Alter
No 39The Unification of Germany in International and Domestic Law. Ryszard W. Piotrowicz and Sam K. N. Blay. With 2 chapters contr. by Gunnar Schuster and Andreas Zimmermann
No 40Retrospect and Review : Aspects of the Literature of the GDR 1976-1990. Ed. by Robert Atkins and Martin Kane
No 41Bertolt Brecht : Centenary Essays. Ed. by Steve Giles and Rodney Livingstone
No 42The Party of Democratic Socialism in Germany : Modern Post-Communism or Nostalgic Populism?. Ed. by Peter Barker
No 43Anna Seghers in Perspective. Ed. by Ian Wallace
No 44Günter de Bruyn in Perspective. Ed. by Dennis Tate
No 45The Gruppe 47 fifty years on : A re-appraisal of its literary and political significance. Ed. by Stuart Parkes and John J. White
No 46East Germany: Continuity and Change. Ed. by Paul Cooke and Jonathan Grix
No 47Finding a Voice : Problems of Language in East German Society and Culture. Ed. by Graham Jackman and Ian F. Roe
No 48Entgegenkommen : Dialogues with Barbara Köhler. Ed. by Georgina Paul and Helmut Schmitz
No 49The GDR and its History : Rückblick und Revision : Die DDR im Spiegel der Enquete-Kommissionen. Ed. by Peter Barker
No 501949/1989 : Cultural Perspectives on Division and Unity in East and West. Ed. by Clare Flanagan and Stuart Taberner
No 51Christoph Hein in Perspective. Ed. by Graham Jackman
No 52Ernst Thälmann : Mensch und Mythos. Hrsg. von Peter Monteath
No 53Jews in German Literature since 1945 : German-Jewish Literature?. Ed. by Pól O'Dochartaigh
No 54After the GDR : New Perspectives on the Old GDR and the Young Länder. Ed. by Laurence McFalls and Lothar Probst
No 55Monika Maron in Perspective : 'Dialogische' Einblicke in zeitgeschichtliche, intertextuelle und rezeptionsbezogene Aspekte ihres Werkes. Hrsg. von Elke Gilson
No 56Anne Duden, A Revolution of Words : Approaches to her Fiction, Poetry and Essays. Ed. by Heike Bartel und Elizabeth Boa
No 57Fractured Biographies. Ed. by Ian Wallace
No 58Volker Braun in Perspective. Ed. By Rolf Jucker
No 59Neighbours and Strangers : Literary and Cultural Relations in Germany, Austria and Central Europe since 1989. Ed. by Ian Foster and Juliet Wigmore
No 60Seelenarbeit an Deutschland : Martin Walser in Perspective. Ed. by Stuart Parkes and Fritz Wefelmeyer
No 61Refuge and reality : Feuchtwanger and the European émigrés in California. Ed. by Pól O'Dochartaigh and Alexander Stephan
No 62Libuse Monikova in Memoriam. Ed. by Brigid Haines and Lyn Marven
Nr 63German-Speaking Exiles in Ireland 1933-1945. Ed. by Gisela Holfter
No 64Pushing at boundaries. Ed. by Heike Bartel & Elizabeth Boa
No 65Reinhard Jirgl : Perspektiven, Lesarten, Kontexte. Hrsg. von David Clarke und Arne De Winde
No 66Un-Civilizing Processes? : Excess and Transgression in German Society and Culture: Perspectives Debating with Norbert Elias. Ed. by Mary Fulbrook
No 67A nation of victims? : Representations of German wartime suffering from 1945 to the present. Ed. by Helmut Schmitz
No 68Local/Global Narratives. Ed. by Renate Rechtien and Karoline von Oppen
No 69Schaltstelle : Neue deutsche Lyrik im Dialog. Hrsg. von Karen Leeder
No 70Baader-Meinhof Returns : History and Cultural Memory of German Left-Wing Terrorism. Ed. by Gerrit-Jan Berendse and Ingo Cornils
No 71Dislocation and Reorientation : Exile, Division and the End of Communism in German Culture and Politics : In Honour of Ian Wallace. Ed. by Axel Goodbody, Pól Ó Dochartaigh, Dennis Tate
No 72Beyond Political Correctness : Remapping German Sensibilities in the 21st Century. Ed. by Christine Anton and Frank Pilipp
No 73Narratives of Trauma : Discourses of German Wartime Suffering in National and International Perspective. Ed. by Helmut Schmitz and Annette Seidel-Arpacı
No 74Art outside the lines : New Perspectives on GDR Art Culture. Ed. by Elaine Kelly and Amy Wlodarski
No 75The Self in Transition : East German Autobiographical Writing Before and After Unification. Essays in Honour of Dennis Tate. Ed. by David Clarke and Axel Goodbody
No 76Transitions : Emerging Women Writers in German-language Literature. Ed. by Valerie Heffernan & Gillian Pye
No 77German Text Crimes : Writers Accused, from the 1950s to the 2000s. Ed. by Tom Cheesman
No 78An Odyssey for our Time : Barbara Köhler's Niemands Frau. Ed. by Georgina Paul
79German reunification and the legacy of GDR literature and culture. Edited by Deirdre Byrnes, Jean E. Conacher, Gisela Holfter
80Anna Seghers : the challenge of history. Edited by Helen Fehervary, Christiane Zehl Romero and Amy Kepple Strawser