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Noakes, Jeremy (ed.)
Nazism 1919-1945. A Documentary Reader. Ed. by J(eremy) Noakes and G[eoffrey] Pridham.
      (Exeter): Univ. of Exeter 1983-(1998). Vol. 1-4. 8°
(Exeter Studies in History. No ...)
Nazism nineteen nineteen to ninteen forty-five
Library shelf-mark: Sh.3/25/1(        
Subject headings: Germany/1919-1945
Vol. 1The Rise to Power 1919-1934. - 1983. - 193 S.
Vol. 2State, Economy and Society 1933-39. - 1984. - S. 194-608
Vol. 3Foreign Policy, War and Racial Extermination. - (1988). - S. 609-1236, Ktn
Vol. 4The German Home Front in World War II. - (1998). - 698 S.