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1 Bureaucracy, work and violence: the Reich Ministry of Labour in Nazi Germany, 1933-1945. Alexander Nützenadel (ed.) - Berghahn Books 2020 eBook ProQuest
2 The Ministry of Illusion: Nazi Cinema and Its Afterlife. Eric Rentschler. - Harvard Univ. Press 1996 Sh.11/420/1
3 Ministry of morale: Home front morale and the Ministry of Information in World War II. Ian MacLaine. - Allen & Unwin 1979 Ui.8/8050
4 Arms and the wizard: Lloyd George and the Ministry of Munitions, 1915-1916. Ralph James Q. Adams. - Cassell 1978 Uh.10/2000
5 The National Archives: America's ministry of documents. 1934-1968. Donald R. MacCoy. - University of North Carolina Press 1978 Ra.1/55
6 Arming the Luftwaffe: The Reich Air Ministry and the German Aircraft Industry 1919-39. Edward L. Homze. - University of Nebraska Press 1976 Sh.10/205
7 A catalogue of files and microfilms of the German Foreign Ministry Archives: 1867-1920. - Kraus Reprint 1970 Sf.1/4
8 Richelieu and the Councillors of Louis XIII: A Study of the Secretaries of State and Superintendents of Finance in the Ministry of Richelieu 1635-1642. Orest A. Ranum. - Clarendon Press 1963 Mkc.7/350
9 A Study in Infamy: The operations of the Hungarian Secret Police (AVO) based on secred documents issued by the Hungarian Ministry of the Interior. George Mikes. - Deutsch 1959 Mx/3500
10 The End of North's Ministry: 1780-1782. Ian R. Christie. - St. Martin's Press 1958 Uf.5/55
11 Germany and the Revolution in Russia 1915-1918: Documents from the Archives of the German Foreign Ministry. Zbynek Anthony Bohuslav Zeman (ed.) - Oxford Univ. Press 1958 Sf.5/790
12 The Formation of Canning's Ministry, February to August 1827. Arthur Aspinall. - Offices of the Royal Historical Society, University College London 1937 Uf.13/Cann 5