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Ritter, Gerhard A. (ed.)
German Historical Perspectives. General Eds.: Gerhard A. Ritter, Werner Pöls, Anthony J. Nicholls.
      Leamington Spa, Hamburg, New York, N.Y: Berg Publ. 1987-    . Vol. 1-    . 8°


1Population, Labour and Migration in 19th- and 20th-Century Germany. Ed. by Klaus J. Bade
2Wealth and Taxation in Central Europe : The History and Sociology of Public Finance. Ed. by Peter-Christian Witt
3Nation-Building in Central Europe. Ed. by Hagen Schulze
4Elections, Parties and Political Traditions : Social Foundations of German Parties and Party Systems, 1867-1987. Ed. by Karl Rohe
5Economic Crisis and Political Collapse : The Weimar Republic 1924-1933. Ed. by Jürgen Baron von Kruedener
6Escape into war? : The Foreign Policy of Imperial Germany. Ed. by Gregor Schöllgen
vol. 7German Unification : The Unexpected Challenge. Ed. by Dieter Grosser
8Germany's New Position in Europe : Problems and Perspectives. Ed. by Arnulf Baring
9Western Europe and Germany : The Beginnings of European Integration 1945-1960. Ed. by Clemens [A.] Wurm
10The Military in Politics and Society in France and Germany in the Twentieth Century. Ed. by Klaus-Jürgen Müller
11Culture in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1945-1995. Ed. by Reiner Pommerin
12The Problem of Revolution in Germany, 1789-1990. Ed. by Reinhard Rürup
13Science in the Third Reich. Ed. by Margit Szöllösi-Janze
14The Third Reich between Vision and Reality : New Perspectives on German History 1918 - 1945. Ed. by Hans Mommsen
15The Divided Past : Rewriting Post-War German History. Ed. by Christoph Klessmann
16Towards an Urban Nation : Germany since 1780. Ed. by Friedrich Lenger
17Germany and the European East in the Twentieth Century. Ed. by Eduard Mühle
18Britain and Germany in the Twentieth Century. Ed. by Manfred Görtemaker