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Frankel, Jonathan (ed.)
Studies in Contemporary Jewry. An Annual. Eds.: Jonathan Frankel, Peter Y. Medding, Ezra Mendelsohn.
      New York, N.Y., Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press 1987-    . Bd 3-   . 8°
Bd 1 und 2 ersch. als Zeitschrift.
Recent editions also issued as eBooks.
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ISSN 0740-8625
Library shelf-mark: Bn/510(3-        


3Jews and other ethnic groups in a multi-ethnic world. Ed. by Ezra Mendelsohn
4The Jews and the European Crisis : 1914-21. Ed. by Jonathan Frankel
5Israel, State and Society, 1948-1988. Ed. by Peter Y. Medding
6Art and its Uses : The Visual Image and Modern Jewish Society. Ed. by Ezra Mendelsohn. Guest Symposium Ed.: Richard I. Cohen
7Jews and Messianism in the Modern Era : Metaphor and Meaning. Ed. by Jonathan Frankel
8A New Jewry? : America since the Second World War. Ed. by Peter Y. Medding
9Modern Jews and their Musical Agendas. Ed. by Ezra Mendelsohn
11Values, Interests and Identity : Jews and Politics in a Changing World. Ed. by Peter Y. Medding
12Literary Strategies : Jewish Texts and Contexts. Ed. by Ezra Mendelsohn
13The Fate of the European Jews, 1939-1945 : Continuity or Contingency?. Ed. by Jonathan Frankel
14Coping with Life and Death : Jewish Families in the Twentieth Century. Ed. by Peter Y. Medding
15People of the City : Jews and the Urban Challenge. Ed. by Ezra Mendelsohn
16Jews and Gender : The Challenge to Hierarchy. Ed. by Jonathan Frankel
17Who Owns Judaism? : Public religion and Private Faith in America and Israel. Ed. by Eli Lederhendler
18Jews and Violence : Images, Ideologies, Realities. Ed. by Peter Y. Medding
19Jews and State : Dangerous Alliances and the Perils of Privilege. Ed. by Ezra Medelsohn
20Dark Times, Dire Decisions : Jews and Communism. Ed. by Jonathan Frankel. Guest Symposium Ed.: Dan Diner
20Dark times, dire decisions : Jews and Communism. Edited by Jonathan Frankel
21Jews, Catholics, and the Burden of History. Ed. by Eli Lederhendler
22Sephardic Jewry and Mizrahi Jews. Ed. by Peter Y. Medding. The Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
23Jews and the sporting life. Edited by Ezra Mendelsohn
24The Protestant-Jewish conundrum. Ed. by Jonathan Frankel and Ezra Mendelsohn
25Ethnicity and beyond : Theories and dilemmas of Jewish group demarcation. Ed. by Eli Lederhendler
26Visualizing and Exhibiting Jewish Space and History. Ed. by Richard I. Cohen
27The Social Scientific Study of Jewry : Sources, Approaches, Debates. Ed. by Uzi Rebhun
28Jews and their Foodways. Ed. by Anat Helman
28Jews and their foodways. edited by Anat Helman
29A club of their own : Jewish humorists and the contemporary world. Edited by Eli Lederhendler ; guest symposium editor Gabriel N. Finder
30Place in modern Jewish culture and society. Edited by Richard I. Cohen